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Performance Company

Take Your Dancing to the Next Level

If your child loves to dance, loves to perform, and dances everywhere you go, we recommend our DMC PERFORMANCE COMPANY; a select group of high level dancers who serve as ambassadors for DMC in expos, community showcases and competitions.

Company is a wonderful opportunity for dancers who enjoy the performance experience, and wish to take their dance skills to the next level.


What is Performance Company?

DMC Performance Company is an upper level dance educational program, open to ages 5 and up. Our goal is to provide a more advanced learning and performing program for this special group of students. We do this through the events listed below. Each event provides a different opportunity for the dancer to learn and share with others through performance. Performance provides experience for students to learn how to act under pressure, be self motivated, self disciplined, set an achieve goals, raise positive self esteem and share and communicate stories and messages to an audience or group of people.

Where do they perform?

Typical performances include:

  • Community performances: performances at local events
  • Showcase and annual recitals: DMC performances held 3 times a year
  • Regional and National competitions: Events judged by working professional dancers and choreographers from all areas of the country.
  • Weekend Dance Conventions: Opportunity to take classes from professional teachers and choreographers from around the country.
  • Master classes with special guest teachers: DMC brings in guest teachers to teach our students and broaden their dance education.


What are the Company obligations and expectations?

  • All Company members must be enrolled in ballet and any class they are eligible to compete in.
  • All dancers audition in the spring.
  • All dancers must be enrolled for technique and competitive classes for July and August.
  • Dancers will need to purchase team windsuit, leotard and t-shirt, appropriate performance shoes for each class and costume jewelry.
  • Dancers will have additional rehearsals January through March to prepare for performance. The cost is $10/2 hours of rehearsal
  • Dancers pay $15/month per competition routine to cover the competition fees the studio pays to each competition company. This is added to your monthly class fees. Junior and Wlite teams pay an additional $18/competitive class, Tiny, Mini and Petite (including production class) pay an additional $12/competitive class.  All Company classes will be determined on a case by case basis.
  • Due to a high caliber program, dancers may miss only for illness and family emergency. Failure to follow the attendance policy will result in immediate reassessment and meeting with teacher to decide the appropriate way to proceed.
  • Dancers are not excused from practice or regularly scheduled classes (including ballet) for other sports or activities.
  • To maintain the integrity of this program, please respect the class/competition schedule when choosing other activities.
  • Dancers agree to attend all competitions, showcase and recitals including 3 regional competition as and 1 national.
  • Dancers agree that school comes first and they will maintain good grades while participating in our program.
  • Dancers are expected to be respectful to their parents, their teachers and their fellow team mates.
  • Good sportsmanship is expected from both dancers and parents.


What are my responsibilities as a parent?

The parents of the DMC Performance Co dancers play a big role in the success of our program. Here are a few of the opportunities you have to participate in as a DMC Star Parent:

  • FUNDRAISING - This is all organized, planned and executed by our Star Parents
  • WORK - Show volunteers are in large part made up of our star parents from our performance company. This group helps to organize and run a large part of the backstage responsibilities of our local shows.
  • TAXI - You will be responsible to get your child to and from all events or arrange for another adult to do so for you.
  • FINANCE - You will be responsible to cover the expenses that come along with this program and you may choose to get involved with any of the fundraisers we do to help with the costs.
  • ENCOURAGE - You will be the most important part of our events as your support and encouragement means the most to our star dancers.


For more information

Please contact us for additional information on our Performance Company.


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