Performance Company

Take Your Dancing to the Next Level

If your child loves to dance, loves to perform, and dances everywhere you go, we recommend our DMC PERFORMANCE COMPANY; a select group of high level dancers who serve as ambassadors for DMC in expos, community showcases and competitions.

Company is a wonderful opportunity for dancers who enjoy the performance experience, and wish to take their dance skills to the next level.


What is Performance Company?

DMC Performance Company is an upper level dance educational program, open to ages 5 and up. Our goal is to provide a more advanced learning and performing program for this special group of students. We do this through the events listed below. Each event provides a different opportunity for the dancer to learn and share with others through performance. Performance provides experience for students to learn how to act under pressure, be self motivated, self disciplined, set an achieve goals, raise positive self esteem and share and communicate stories and messages to an audience or group of people.

Where do they perform?

Typical performances include:


What are the Company obligations and expectations?


What are my responsibilities as a parent?

The parents of the DMC Performance Co dancers play a big role in the success of our program. Here are a few of the opportunities you have to participate in as a DMC Star Parent:


For more information

Please contact us for additional information on our Performance Company.