See What Our Dance Families Say About Us

Debbie Schrader — Before we joined DMC in 2015, my daughter had never attended a dance class before. Now, she is excited about her upcoming competitions with the team. This wouldn't be possible without the fantastic teachers and staff at DMC! They do a wonderful job teaching the students and are like family!


Christina Durham — The Dance Music Creation family has helped my sweet Abby mature beautifully and given her confidence. We are proud to be a part of DMC.


Lindsay Wingfield — Our daughter finds pure joy in attending her dance classes at Dance and Music Creations each week; she cannot wait to get there! The instructors have not only given the skills and technique she needs to dance well, they have encouraged her to be a good person. The instructors also teach beautiful technique, create wonderful performance opportunities and most importantly, nurture a love of dance. We are so glad to be a part of DMC!

Nell MikkelsonMy daughters have both gained incredible self confidence from their experiences at DMC as well as amazing friendships. The supportive and encouraging environment has been invaluable to their growth as people and dancers.
Samantha MitchellDancing at DMC has been one of the best decisions for our family.While being disciplined in dance in a professional environment she is treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. Our daughters best friends have been made here and the growth as a dancer each year is amazing! We are proud to be with DMC.

Tiffany CoffeyDMC has been a blessing to our family. Our girls have been there for 2 years now and has been nothing short of amazing. Our daughters look forward to class each week. They have made friendships and bonds that warm my heart, and they love the teachers who share such passion for dance and our children. DMC will always be our Dance home!


Kelly Vaughan — The love and support of Lanette and all the instructors at DMC have allowed my girls to grow, not only as dancers but as people. They have developed such close friendships and we love it there!

Kristen Dixon — Coming to dance is one of Kenzie's favorite parts of the week. She has fun while learning. She loves all of her instructors, and she's grown not only as a dancer but as a person.

Amber Poron — DMC is not only a school of excellent dance instruction but also a environment where my daughters have found lifelong friends who form a dance family!


Karen Ackerman — Teachers at DMC nurture my daughter's skills and provide her space to be creative. As a parent it brings me such joy to know my daughter is building her confidence on stage, learning the importance of working together and building new friendships along the way. Thank you, DMC, for providing such a wonderful environment for my girl to shine!

Debra Vest — DMC is amazing along with wonderful teachers who live by example. They teach not only dance but the ability to dream, and that dreams do come true with hard work and dedication.
Jeanna Cavanaugh — Lillian and I love DMC not only for the skills and confidence it teaches and inspires, but also for the friendships and family atmosphere. We are both part of a dance family; it's not that my daughter just attends dance class.
Angelia Pannell — My girls have attended DMC for several years. They have learned so much and have gained such confidence. The teachers and staff there are truly special in that they spend the extra time needed to help their students learn the technique and build confidence in their dancing. We love being part of the DMC family!
Sherry Gammon — Tamara has been at DMC almost ten years, a shy little girl, she made lasting friendships and extended families that love us. And now my shy little girl is now confident and dances night and day and loves to help the littles at dance. We love DMC!